BLT weekend on Oct 27-28, 2023: final program available

BLT weekend on Oct 27-28, 2023: final program available

  5 October 2023

The final program of the BLT Scientific Meeting, to be held at Oostduinkerke (Domein Westhoek), on Friday and Saturday Oct 27 & 28, 2023 is now available HERE. With over 75 registrants this meeting is the largest ever BLT ‘stand-alone’ meeting and now already a success! Registration has closed.

The program features a good mix of Forensic and Clinical Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, with contributions by Sarah Wille (NICC; Validation and QA for High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry), Michael Evans-Brown (EMCDDA; 25 years of early warning, preparedness, and response to new psychoactive substances in Europe: past, present, future), Maarten Degreef (Sciensano; Update on NPS and organization of BEWSD), Cathelijne Lyphout & Kurt Anseeuw (UZ Gent & ZNA; Euro-DEN data report), Joy Eliaerts (NICC; Drug testing at festivals), Astrid Christiaens (NFI; Autopsies in the Netherlands: imaging and sampling), Ruben Thanacoody (Newcastle University; Paracetamol intoxication and SNAP protocol), Kurt Anseeuw (ZNA; New guideline digiFAb), as well as 10 short (8′) free communications.

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